The Only Choice in Health Supplier Enabled eProcurement

eHealth compliant software helps standardise to improve your business, increase sales while saving costs. Establish once and start with optimised eProcurement, it simply works with any customer, customer's network or system anywhere.

Only choice for supplier compliance 

FHX is the first mover and only choice for Supplier eProcurement Compliance  listed in the NEHTA Australian eHealth Supply Chain Compliance Register. We deliver the promises of healthcare reform.

Proven track record 

Our track record in working with forward looking companies happy to standardise speaks for itself . Better service and savings of $25-$35 per document. 

We value the relationship with our clients and keep their information confidential, contact us for references.

Connecting largest to smallest suppliers to healthcare buyers 

We work with smallest local to largest global supplier, all our clients are happy using FHX standardisation for quality of service improvement using the simplified solutions we provide. 

Standardisation by largest suppliers

Two world's largest orthopedic suppliers are happy with FHX standardisation for simplification of complex order processes. They enjoy speedy on-boarding and business-savvy eProcurement.

Standardisation by the first SMEs

SMEs set up days and our SME clients are today trading electronically with their customers with the same quality of service as our largest clients. They use ComplyOnce for managing electronic orders.

Supplier standardisation impact on healthcare providers

Healthcare buyers are happy with our clients improved service quality and savings they get. From the smallest to the largest, proudly giving the same high quality services.

Tier 1 National, cross border eProcurement infrastructure for  eHealth Supply Chain Federated Electronic Document Clearing and Compliance specifically designed for open interoperability.

Tier 2 Free national and cross border connection to FHX PRIME for eHealth standardised exchanges, solution vendors for eProcurement with our clients. Designed to lower costs, simplify eProcurement and speed up customer on-boarding.

Tier 2 Free national and cross border for eProcurement connection to FHX PRIME for our client's trading partners via 3rd party hub, middlware or system. Designed to lower costs, speed on-boarding and simplify eProcurement.

Tier 3 FHX PRIME integrated eHealth pre-configured and standardised for eCatalogue and eOrder Management for any size supplier. Suppliers are set-up in ComplyOnce once, they assert their eProcurement to any customer and simply on-board them for business-savvy eProcurement.

Tier 3  Automating order processing of non-EDI orders.  Our service receives Email orders with PDF attachments and transforms these as electronic order, just like the orders you receive via electronically. Maximise ROI and use of your existing eProcurement to increase business improvement. 

We standardise and simplify Supplier Optimised eProcurement and speedy Customer On-boarding with proven software specifically designed for healthcare suppliers. You get fully FHX eHealth backed software to improve your business efficiency and savings, you get supplier preference while improving your customer's efficiency and savings on the way. With ComplyOnce everyone wins.

Any size supplier does optimised eProcurement with any customer. The results are reflected in the accuracy of the transactions and customer service quality. FHX standardises software with built-in supplier compliance that is based on open industry standards and best practices provided by NEHTA (eHealth Supply Chain), Standards Australia (AS5023) and GS1 (GS1 XML format, GS1 product and location Identifiers).

Some organisations you can do eProcurement with

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