Free GLN Mailbox and eProcurement for Buyers

Healthcare Providers get a free GLN Mailbox and Exchange of Standardised Messaging for eProcurement with any ComplyOnce supplier for free. 

The number of supply chain automation solutions is continuously growing and it far outnumbers users, which is why the possibility of reaching suppliers of all sizes to connect with all their customers is not ignored by FHX.


ComplyOnce suppliers provide buyers :

Free GLN Mailbox

A buyer gets s free secure GLN Mailbox to do eProcurement with ComplyOnce suppliers

Free Purchase Orders

A buyer sends standardised Orders to ComplyOnce Suppliers at no added cost.

Free Order Response, and Invoice

A buyer gets free standardised Order Reponse, Invoice, ASN from ComplyOnce suppliers

FHX Supply Chain Supplier Enabled Innovation solutions create a simpler and more effective user experience that extends beyond the technical barriers, high cost and complexity, which can be easily be overlooked when implementing complex solutions.


Today suppliers get a greater possibility no matter how small or large to improve the supply chain and deliver a positive impact on all their customers and participants anytime, anywhere within the value chain.

FHX supplier standardisation offers a wide range of opportunities for interacting with participants in a value chain on a more business level.


Today, we can address much more specific organisations according not just to size, sector and location, but also the need of open interoperability for the exchange of  timely accurate business critical information for a better supply chain, and have a significant impact on all participants in the value chain.

We provide a fast supplier standardised on-boarding strategy tailored to meet your business needs. Don’t miss out on a huge business improvement opportunity – go for standardisation!

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