eCatalogue Standardisation

Standardisation considerably reduces errors, redundant tasks and results in Optimised eProcurement. It means order processing, invoicing, speedy payments and less time and money spent error fixes or payment variations is achieved with accurately aligned information.

Standardising is having a consistent catalogue founded on standards where information and processes are clearly defined to start with, to then establish your own centralised source of information maintained in 3 areas.

Internal Synchronisation

Ensures the catalogue is consistent throughout your business. Anytime any information is accessed anywhere else in the business it has the same value.

External Sychronisation

Ensures catalogue is consistent between your business and customers (buyer-seller pair). In external synch you are the source and customers are recipients.

Ongoing Synchronisation

Ensures your system is in synch and keeps customers in synch for accuracy, as you change or introduce new items, these remain consistent with your customers.

eCatalogue Data Standardisation

When you are on the same page within your organisation, you easily take the next step to get on the same page with all your customers.

The true value of data standardisation comes not in adopting the standards in themselves but in using standards to help establish and synchronize product and price information within your business via a single source of truth. Centralised accuracy makes distribution of accurate information to customers possible. Simply mirror the data within your business and get on the same page with your customers. Error free business transactions for perfect orders fulfillment and accurate invoicing makes life easier for all.


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