National Product Catalogue NPC

External synchonisation using a single mechanism to communicate standardised accurate products and prices electronically to Australia and New Zealand public and private healthcare providers.

NPC increases customer access to your product range from within their system. Customers integrate your catalogue information in their internal catalogue so end users view the full range of products and prices available for ordering, whether on contract or not, they are able to buy your products.


Products listed in the NPC


Suppliers listed in the NPC

 National Product Catalogue (NPC) Benefits 

Use the NPC to:


  • Be NPC compliant, ready & populated
  • Identify products & correct data set to customer
  • Ensure correct customer pricing using GLNs
  • Identify method suitable to load data to NPC
  • Load and Validate data
  • Publish product & pricing to customers
  • Have a process to keep customers up to date

This helps you get not only get correct orders and paid in time, you also get opportunity for customers to order from your full range of products while you get a chance to publish your catalogue for new customers subscribed to receive supplier catalogues in the NPC!

The NPC uses GS1’s standard identifier, the Global Trade Item Number (GTIN), as the globally unique primary product identifier for every NPC record.


The GTIN provides unique product identification and reduces the risk of product identification errors where internal catalogue numbers may be duplicated across companies. A GTIN is assigned to all products, at all levels of packaging, which are supplied to the Australian healthcare sector via the NPC.

The National Product Catalogue was developed in 2006 by the National E-Health Transition Authority (NEHTA) (in consultation with Australian Federal and State Health Departments) as the single source of master data for Australian healthcare organisations when purchasing medicines, medical devices and medical consumables.


NEHTA anticipates full implementation of the NPC to save the public healthcare sector at least AUD200 million per annum. 

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