Supplier eProcurement Standardisation Strategy

Suppliers use FHX standardisation to quickly on-board customers. Improve business, increase sales and save costs. We know how you can do eProcurement with your customers simply and painlessly.

Suppliers have a consistent eProcurement system. Set up once and use for all customers in 3 simple steps.

Use standard interfaces 

Suppliers use a single pre-defined FHX eHealth interface that standardised to cover all eProcurement requirements for any customer. Use one way to do Procurement with any customer.

Comply Once to eHealth 

Either web or integration between standardised formats with your ERP system done once, it's simply configurable for eProcurement with all customers.

Single GLN mailbox 

Single access orgnisation wide for eProcurement for all customers. You simply connect to your secure GLN mailbox to send and receive standardised messages with any customer painlessly.

eProcurement Message Standardisation

Use your "own standardised eProcurement" and "your organisation mailbox" to easily do eProcurement with all customers. 

The true value of supplier standardisation is not in adopting standards themselves but using standards to establish and assert your own electronic document exchange for customers . Simply configure new customers within your applications to start eProcurement with them. When you upgrade or change internal system/s, simply integrate it without impact on your customers.

Among some organisations you can do eProcurement with

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