eProcurement Integration

We have experience in all facets of Supply Chain Integration to help our clients reach full automation. Automate your order processing make savings, improve customer service, increase sales and reduce costs.

We take a comprehensive approach to integration development starting from standardising your business so you can your meet customer's business needs. We simplify integration by working with solution providers and deliver plug-ins for your system. 

We offer a wide range of standardisation and compliance services for Supply Chain that include eProcurement, Warehouse and Distribution, Consignor, eTendering and many more or simply a portal that acts as online eProcurement solution to manage your electronic orders. We can assist you with your Supply Chain automation.

We pride ourselves as a team of dedicated professionals working with the goal not only for our clients to rank highest in business improvement, but to genuinely deliver the best possible experience to their staff, customers, network and solution providers.

One set of eHealth Interfaces 

Our company has supplier standardised interface solutions to develop eProcuremwent software for electronic order processing.

Map to your requirements once

Our team develops standardised interface mapping solutions for integration development and knowledge management.

Integrate to your system once

We develop standardised plug in software to enable you to connect eProcurement to your system effectively.

System Integration Testing once

We are a leading integration testing company offering standardised system integration testing and compliance services.

On-boarding of your customers 

We deliver best-in-class on-boarding support. Speedy Testing with customers that earn you quick results.

Ongoing support  and updates

We provide support from start to go live and beyond, our support team is there to help you and only a phone call or email away.

Among some organisations suppliers can do eProcurement with

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We provide rigorous testing for all back-end systems before you sign-off the project and launch your new eProcurement. Testing is performed to cover both system integration and standardisation to ensure your eProcurement is successful before you on-board customers.

Secure testing environment for your eProcurement

We use standardised tools that allow you to test your eProcurement development and deployment, to which we’ll test changes with your team before it goes live. We provide you access to a secured QA or TEST environment for use during system integration testing and user acceptance testing.