Quality Assurance

The relationship between a supplier and customer lies on the assurance of consistency in timely service delivery and in forward thinking quality as a critical part of ongoing business improvement.

FHX quality assurance is a systematic process to check software and services specified in standardisation requirements to meet healthcare compliance needs.


FHX provides it's compliance as assurance for suppliers to assert their eHealth Supply Chain compliance, without further need or cost to achieve a quality service capability. Quality reduces costs, increases credibility and provides your customers confidence in your business, work processes and efficiency.

Let your quality be known

We provide you standardisation that reflects how you operate. We assess your current state, identify needs, deliver a standardised solution based on what you have and add only what you need. In most cases, you will only have to make minor changes to your business operations to satisfy requirements.

Save your customers time and money

We assists businesses to achieve standardisation as simply and cost effectively as possible. Our solutions are affordable, surprisingly simple and quick. Our services go beyond cost and time saving, we partner with you to connect your customers quickly and coordinate activities with you. Remember too that your customers also save time and money!

Wealth of experience is at your disposal

Based on knowledge and vast growing experience, we know :

  • The ins and outs of the standards 
  • Best standardisation for your business
  • The fastest and strategic way to implement system

What you get

With FHX , you get more benefits for your business:

  • A simple eHealth compliant system, standardised for your business
  • No interruption to your day to day business activities
  • Control over how your eCatalogue or eProcurement develops
  • Support in implementing eCatalogue or eProcurement
  • Help in selecting and on-boarding customers
  • Partnership and ongoing support from the FHX team

Fast Turnaround

We know that time is money, and we pride ourselves on providing a fast turnaround so you can reap the business and commercial benefits of being an eHealth Supply Chain compliant business more quickly. Small companies can be certified within a matter of days. Larger companies may take a couple of months. If you have an urgent need for eProcurement readiness, NPC readiness for tender submission, contact us and our team can put you on track within a matter of days.

Among some organisations suppliers can do eProcurement with

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