The Only Choice in Supplier Enabled eProcurement

FHX is the only supplier eHealth compliant eProcurement listed in the Australian eHealth eProcurement Compliance Register with a track record of forward thinking large and SME healthcare suppliers using FHX supplier standardisation as a foundation for simple, consistent and painless eProcurement with any customer.

We pursue relationships based on integrity, transparency, mutual trust and consistency with our teams, customers, solution providers, business and channel partners.

FHX team of specialists  deliver healthcare suppliers outstanding results combining creative ideas with our vast experience. We provide you with sustainable, meaningful and open eProcurement with your clients, client networks or system providers by working with them collaboratively.

We simplify eProcurement for healthcare suppliers by working in areas as diverse and complex as harmonising and standardising multiple processes and interconnections to multiple systems for eProcurement with customers, customer systems and network providers.

O U R    V I S I O N


To lead as supplier enabled business innovators using standards, to strengthen relationships that result in a collaborative way of working resulting in positive impact in the value chain.

We are passionate about partnerships with our clients

Our standardisation work speaks for itself. We deliver outstanding services and software that suits each and every one of our clients  — largest to smallest.

Among some organisations suppliers can do eProcurement with

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