FHX is the only Supplier Enabled Innovation for Standardised eProcurement that delivers the promises of Healthcare Reform. Suppliers get a single access open connection to any customer, network or system.
Supplier Healthcare eProcurement Foundation
FHX's Supplier Enabled Innovation empowers suppliers assert their healthcare eProcurement and use a simple standardised system that takes care of the need to meet complex regulatory, customer, network or system requirements.
Painless eProcurement for Healthcare Suppliers
Open Standards
ComplyOnce suppliers are eHealth standardised backed by FHX compliance to do business-savvy eProcurement with their customers that adopt any technology.
Start with ComplyOnce Do eProcurement with Anyone
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ComplyOnce suppliers do eProcurement with any healthcare customer painlessly.

Our standardised and federated ComplyOnce supplier business improvement system simplifies and automates eProcurement with existing and next generation of healthcare customers worldwide.

Standardise, assert your standardisation and business improvement with best practice global and national eHealth eProcurement standards.

Do "eProcurement" painlessly. Federated ComplyOnce automatically connects you to any current or prospective healthcare customer.

Expand you business by exposing your products to buyers, increase sales and save yourself manual processing time and money on the way.

Our Simple Three Step Healthcare Supplier eProcurement Enablement Process

3 Simple Steps to ComplyOnce with Supplier Standardised eProcurement for healthcare

Based on your business and customer needs, our experts deliver a road map to get you standardised cost effectively and painlessly. Send us information to help complete the assessment.

We set you up as ComplyOnce healthcare supplier certified, connected and ready for eProcurement with anyone. Simply assert your eProcurement readiness to your customers.

Engage with customers to do eProcurement. Use ComplyOnce, FHX certification and our team of experts make the complex simple and painless. Impress customers with improved service.

Among some organisations suppliers can do eProcurement with

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