FHX Pty Ltd is the first organisation to implement a NEHTA-compliant Message Implementation Guide (MIG) for suppliers, for use with e-procurement in the healthcare supply chain.  The FHX Supplier MIG complies with the national specifications developed by the National E-Health Transition Authority (NEHTA) and is now listed on the NEHTA web site  The FHX PRIME MIG compliance has been established according to the official NEHTA Compliance, Conformance and Accreditation (CCA) process.

The FHX Supplier MIG implementation is important because it provides a national foundation infrastructure for healthcare eProcurement. It allows any supplier to trade with any healthcare buyer without the necessity of having a specific set up for each buyer.  The benefit of this capability is that trading partner on-boarding and ongoing IT costs of e-trading are greatly reduced or eliminated.

The FHX MIG is implemented by FHX PRIME, a supply chain clearing house and federated ecosystem for healthcare suppliers’ e-trading with their customers.  It enables rapid and low cost deployment using the web, or trading hub of choice. FHX PRIME federates 3rd party supplier trading hubs and systems by inter-connecting these via single connections and providing real-time compliance for business processes and messages. This removes the need for suppliers to have multiple connections and different message transformations.

The objective of FHX PRIME and its NEHTA-compliance is to remove cost barriers for e-trading, to provide an attractive take-up path for all suppliers.

FHX PRIME works in an analogous way to the NEHTA National Product Catalogue (NPC), a source of truth for compliant product identification.  In a similar way, the FHX PRIME service provides a source of truth for compliance of trading messages.  It works in a similar way to the EFTPOS system which allows many retailers to arrange payments with a range of banks.

Benefits of FHX PRIME for suppliers include a single NEHTA-compliant baseline for use with multiple buyers whereby they achieve via FHX NEHTA-compliant e-trading readiness for use with any buyer. Buyers benefit from FHX’s support to develop and implement NEHTA specifications, achieve compliance and leverage quick supplier on-boarding.